KGF Chapter-2

Download Agilam Nee.mp3,Mehabooba.mp3,Sulthana.mp3,The Monster Song.mp3,Toofan.mp3 song from KGF Chapter-2

KGF Chapter-1

Download Dheera Dheera.mp3, Karuvinil Enai.mp3, Koodi Kanavil.mp3, Salaam Rocky Bhai.mp3, Veesum Soorai Katre.mp3 songs

KGF Chapter-1 BGM Vol-2

Download All About Narachi.mp3, Anticipation.mp3, Blind Man Fight.mp3, Brave Theme.mp3, Countdown to Hammertime.mp3, Daga Daga Daga.mp3, Entering Narachi.mp3, Fixing Hammer.mp3, Garuda Theme 2.mp3, Gun Assembly.mp3, He is the Saviour.mp3, Introduction to Narachi Mines.mp3, Maari Jaathre.mp3, Monster.mp3, Rebel Among Slave.mp3, Rocky Bombay Theme.mp3, Rocky Planning.mp3, Rocky Walks Up the Stairs.mp3, Rocky Will protect Us.mp3, Rugga will Enter.mp3, Timer.mp3 songs

KGF Chapter-1 BGM Vol-1

Download Andrew’s Arrival.mp3, Biggest Criminal In India.mp3, Bun Scene.mp3, Enroute Bombay.mp3, Garuda Theme.mp3, Kamal’s Intro.mp3, Mother & Child Killed.mp3, Mother’s Lullaby.mp3, Mother’s Promise.mp3, My Name is Rocky.mp3, Petrol.mp3, Rise of KGF.mp3, Rocky Decides to Rule.mp3, Rocky With Butcher Knife.mp3, Rocky’s Encounter With Trucks.mp3, Rocky’s Research.mp3, Rocky,Since 1951.mp3, Shetty Confronts Rocky.mp3, To El-Dorado.mp3, Your El Dorado.mp3 songs

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