Samyuktha Hegde

Comali (Komali)

Download Hi Sonna Pothum.mp3, Nanba Nanba.mp3, Oliyum Oliyum.mp3, Paisa Note.mp3, Yaara Comali.mp3 songs

Comali (Original Background Score)

Download A Loss of 16 Years.mp3, First Proposal.mp3, From Madras to Chennai.mp3, Hero Ravi Enters.mp3, Humanity Wins.mp3, Mother’s Explanation.mp3, Pre-Accident Fight.mp3, Ravi in Search of New Love.mp3, Ravi’s Lost Treasure.mp3, Reethika Enter’s Ravi’s Life.mp3, The Separated Friendship.mp3, The Villain’s Superstitions.mp3, Villain’s Strategy.mp3, Yaara Comali Instrumental.mp3 songs