Akshay Kumar

2.0 (Enthiran 2.0)

Download Endhira Logathu Sundhariye.mp3, Pullinangal.mp3, Raajali Nee Gaali.mp3 songs

Enthiran 2.0 BGM (Original Background Score)

Download Army Attack.mp3, Eerie Flapping.mp3, Grand Son.mp3, Interval.mp3, It’s Over.mp3, Let The Game Begins.mp3, Nila’s Espionage.mp3, Pakshirajan’s Story.mp3, Replication.mp3, Shadow’s Journey.mp3, The Unknown.mp3, We Need Chitti.mp3, Will You Believe.mp3, You Are Next.mp3, You Will Be Avenged.mp3 songs

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Galatta Kalyaanam

Download Chakka Chakalathi.mp3, Idhudhaan En Kadhai.mp3, Kaadhalai Solla Mudiyatha.mp3, Little Little.mp3, Mannaarkudi.mp3, Murali Mogha.mp3, Sooraavali Ponnu.mp3 songs